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Nail Oils Used To Nourish Nails And The Cuticles

In all, the oil is used as a gourmet delight because of its nutty flavor and apparent health benefits. It is used as a powerful ingredient in many health and beauty products. The Berbers who populate this region of Morocco have been using the oil for hundreds of years, and it has been particularly valuable in protecting and conditioning hair and skin. The Berbers have also used the wood of the argan tree as a source for charcoal, firewood and building material. The trees are no longer being used in this way.

The Berber people still use the oil for themselves, but the growth of this industry has been quite remarkable.

Producing the Oil

The extraction of the oil from the almond inside the argan tree fruit is sometimes done by hand, but more recently has become a more automated process. The paste is then processed or squeezed to produce the oil. If the oil is to be used in cuisine, the dried almonds are toasted before breaking them open. This brings out the nutty flavor in the oil. The oil has a variety of uses and contains overwhelming numbers of health and beauty benefits. This is true when it is added to a healthy diet, and when it is applied directly to the skin, hair, and nails.

Health benefits.

The roasted oil can be added to dishes much like you would add olive oil. It has been widely published that argan oil can positively impact an individual’s cholesterol levels, and its anti-inflammatory properties also show an improvement in cardiovascular health and arthritis. In addition to the healthful benefits of adding this oil to a diet, it has also been reported that using it as a massage oil for individuals with arthritis helps relieve their symptoms. And, it has shown a positive impact on chicken pox and acne, which is linked to its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities. Because of those skills, it is also a product that can minimize the pain and scarring of burns or other abrasions.

The Argan secret of beauty

The introduction of this oil into the cosmetic and beauty industry has been expansive. Because of the multiple benefits experienced by the Moroccan people for hundreds of years, the modern marketplace is taking advantage of this ingredient and marketing it to a worldwide audience. The oil has an incredible impact on skin. It can be used as an all-over moisturizer; it protects against sun damage, prevents stretch marks, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and revitalizes the skin to bring out its most youthful look. It can repair and smooth the hair cuticle when it has been damaged by the environment or by heat-styling techniques. The oil serves as a barrier between the hair and future heat styling. When used as a hair conditioner, the oil is absorbed easily and provides a sleek and healthy style without a heavy or greasy appearance.

Manicure Products Available On Multichoice Accredited Installers Lists

A variety of accredited multichoice lists contain manicure products mostly oils as part of their advertising mandate. These oils also does wonders for nails and cuticles  and it is popping up in various manicure products because the oil revitalizes and returns a youthful look to the hands. Multichoice accredited installers lists has begun enlisting these nail products because it also encourages the growth of healthy nails. The variety of uses of argan oil and accredited dstv installers has helped multichoice reach a kind of super stardom, and this interest and demand for the product seem to have provided the Berber people with a successful global trading opportunity.